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Volute Quick Start Guide

Volute combines the exciting, collaborative nature of an online community with world-class learning providers and subject matter experts, to support the workforce on the job, as work happens.

System Requirements

Volute is a web-based software that runs on your web browser. We recommend an updated version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

1. Register for Volute

Volute is an invitation-only platform. Get started by registering for Volute from your email invitation, check your junk and spam folders.

  • Select Learn More from your Volute invitation email.

2. Engage in Discussions

After subscribing, visit your discussions to find conversations, content, and materials about that topic. You can interact with peers by sharing your own posts, comments, and reactions.

  • Share web links, images, and documents by selecting the corresponding icon in the blue post bar.

  • Invite peers to a video Meet Up by selecting Meet Up in the blue post bar.

You can mention members by entering the "@" symbol followed by the member's name, this will send them a notification.

Postcommentreact – 1.png

3. Join Meet Ups

Engage with Peers in live personal video conferences called Meet Ups that are related to a Discussion.

  • Select Meet Ups from the left navigation to access all upcoming Meet Ups.

  • Select Go To Meet Up to access your Meet Up.

  • To join your Meet Up, select the Join button.

Test your mic and camera in advance of a Meet Up and allow browser permissions to your mic and camera so you can contribute to the conversation.


Have a question or suggestion?

Volute is a Community platform and your feedback is important to us.  Email us at with any questions or comments.

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