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Volute Member Guide

Volute combines the exciting, collaborative nature of an online community with world-class learning providers and subject matter experts, to support the workforce on the job, as work happens.

1. Register and Complete your Profile

Volute is an invitation-only platform. Get started by registering for Volute from your email invitation, completing your profile, and updating your notification settings.


We recommend a modern version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari

Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 1.29.48 PM.png




Use the About Me section in your Profile to update your personal information.

  1. Select the camera icon to update your profile image.

  2. Enter your Bio and profile information to let your peers know more about you.

  3. Type your Areas of Expertise, then hit Enter to create tags for other members to find you.

2. Engage in active Discussions

Volute is organized into Discussion topics you can subscribe to. A Discussion is a social forum to connect and engage with like-focused members in a peer-learning model to address real challenges in the flow of work.




Select Discussions from the menu to access your available Discussion topics.

  1. Subscribe to Discussions you have been invited to.

  2. Select Open to enter a Discussion you are subscribed to.

3. Meet Up with other members

A Meet Up is a personal video conference directly related to a Discussion topic. Any member can create their own Meet Up and invite peers for a conversation. Volute "wraps" content with conversation so you can apply learning on the job. A Meet Up can be set up in just seconds for on-demand access to peers and subject matter experts, or can be scheduled in advance.

Meet Ups can be private to invited members only, or can be set for "Open Registration".  "Open Registration" is only available to Topic moderators.




Select Meet Ups from the left navigation to access all upcoming Meet Ups. A Meet Up shows as a blue box in your Topic with the title, date, and invitees. Only those who have been invited will see the Meet Up, unless it is set as Open Registration.

  1. Test your mic and camera well in advance of your first Meet Up and allow browser permissions so you can contribute to the conversation.

  2. You can join your Meet Up 5 minutes before the start time or any time during the live event by selecting the Join button. Note: You must register for an "Open Registration" Meet Up to be able to Join.

Have a question or suggestion?

Volute is a Community platform and your feedback is important to us.  Email us at with any questions or comments.

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