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Student and Tutor

Business Schools, 

Keep the conversation going between and beyond programs with a dynamic community of practice, and deepen and expand your relationships with client companies.

Offer your corporate clients a pioneering learning solution that follows them into the workplace to apply learning in practice, at the moment of need.

Live Upskilling Forums.

Augment the impact and value of your programs through dynamic upskilling forums that embed your school inside client workflows. Forums are private, and empower employees to share insights and real work challenges, content and commentary, host live video coaching sessions, and utilize AI for groundbreaking collaboration.


Continuous Engagement.

Create customers for life with access to your content and SMEs in the flow of work. Volute ensures a support network is always available through a peer community of practice and by leveraging AI which provides responses to employee questions on demand, based on realtime forum interactions.

Minimal Staffing, Big Scale.

Minimize staff and maximize engagement in your community of practice with AI. Volute's AI uses the expert-led interactions from your private learning forums to provide highly relevant responses to employee questions, as work happens. This keeps clients coming back and referring peers, without heavy lift.


AI-fueled Community of Practice

Where popular MOOCs and pre-recorded packaged learning platforms fail to engage employees, Volute shines. The reason is that Volute embeds your content, rigor, and SMEs, live into their work, supporting them as they apply new knowledge in practice. 

A New Revenue Model

Consumers are choosing access over ownership, and membership is outpacing the one-time transaction model. Align lifelong learning with ongoing subscriptions, and earn an entirely new recurring, predictable revenue stream that scales.


Volute is the official community of practice for 100+ of the world's top business schools.

The shelf life of programs is shrinking, and the fusion of work and learning is the future. Volute merges your program value into employee workflows, on the job, creating a highly engaged and valuable community, where other platforms fail.

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