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Student and Tutor

Learn when it matters

Volute merges top-tier business school content and SMEs with an AI-empowered community to bring highly personalized, on-demand learning to a global workforce. 

Volute is an AI-enabled lifelong learning platform that elevates alumni into a community of practice driving new and repeat customers and revenue.

Foster Community.

Augment the impact and value of your programs by fostering an upskilling community of practice. Volute keeps your alumni connected with each other and your school to enable continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and a new channel for communication with network effects.

Virtual Team Meeting

Create Customers for Life.

Create customers for life with access to your content and SMEs in the flow of work. Volute's ensures a peer support network is always available even when you're not, and AI provides answers to employee questions on demand, based on content and conversations unique within the community.

Enhance Offerings with AI.

Gain efficiencies of scale and streamline sales and marketing with AI. Provide personalized learning to participants, alumni, and corporate clients, at scale, with no additional resources, and open new options for corporate clients such as lifelong learning subscription plans. 


AI-fueled community growth

Volute's AI analyzes and curates content and conversations within your Community of Practice, delivering on-demand responses integrated into employee workflows. Alumni stay engaged with unparalleled support timing, precision, and relevance.


The shelf life of programs is shrinking, 

and the future of work requires learners to upskill throughout their lives to remain economically relevant and employed.


Now is the time for business schools to innovate alongside their clients to provide assurances for learning impact.

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Volute in the press:

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