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Business Schools are Extending their Client Value, Impact, and Revenue Streams, Beyond Programs

Working in Office

What is Volute?

A Community of Practice (CoP) platform that extends business school program value into continuous work-integrated learning for employees.

Volute offers 3 types of communities to maximize business school value:

Non-Degree Alumni 

Extend learning impact and value after a program ends with a community of practice that keeps your alumni connected to each other and to their instructors, to continue to learn and share, and access a new communication channel with the school.


Lifelong-Learning Subscriptions

Through Volute's communities of practice, your school can enable continuous learning and revenues by charging corporate clients subscriptions for their employees to gain access to job-focused discussion forums, content, and coaching, as work happens.

Executive Roundtables

Driven by purpose and supported by the latest technology, offer your executive clients exclusive roundtable discussion forums that break through organizational boundaries and geographic locations to drive real organizational and global change.

Sync Up

A.I. enabled community growth

Volute utilizes the latest technology and design to inspire participation in your online community of practice. Using social-media-like design and A.I., your members engage in topic-focused forums to connect with peers, experts, and resources, as work happens.


The shelf life of programs is shrinking, 

and the future of work requires learners to upskill throughout their lives to remain economically relevant and employed.


More so than earning credentials, the fusion of work and learning is the new imperative.

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Volute in the press:

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