A Social Streaming Platform that Propels Business Schools into Lifelong Learning

Volute extends the value of executive and professional programs to alumni and all employees of business schools’ clients, through member subscriptions to microlearning Series, available on the job, complete with Watch Parties and After Parties.

Carnegie Mellon, Tepper School Of Business

Volute provides a different way to connect learners, share insights, and foster unique partnerships outside formal gatherings. By extending program value through ongoing learning series, we are better positioned to support our learners, alumni, and partners.

- Nicholas Hamilton-Archer

Executive Director, Executive Education

London Business School

LBS has entered a new era of exciting, lifelong learning for our alumni. Volute is our chosen partner to provide our alumni with access to each other, livestream events, personalized content that extends our professional development offerings, and coaching through exclusive learning communities, all on-the-job.

- Michele Asbury

Associate Director, Learning Innovation

UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School

We have experienced growing success with Volute by extending the value of our programs and incentivizing participants to stay active between programs through personalized, curated content and media, faculty, and each other through modern social learning features.

- Jehen Henehen

Program Manager, Executive Education

Volute Grows Membership and Revenue

One-time participants become lifelong members

Professionals can’t pause responsibilities to upgrade their skills. Through Volute, your school provides an on-demand learning community with peer and faculty support between programs, on-the-job.

Goodbye transactions, hello subscriptions

As learners search for ways to apply their new knowledge, Volute enables a support stream of live events, curated content, and on-the-job coaching through ongoing learning subscriptions.

Corporate relations on steroids

Companies that are sporadically sending just a few executives to your programs, will quickly discover the advantages of enrolling entire departments into bulk subscriptions to receive a curated learning stream, on-the-job support, and insights.

Build on what you already have

Volute removes silos and extends program value and reach by combining executive education, professional development, and alumni into a cohesive digitally-enabled, lifelong learning community with ongoing subscriptions.

How it Works


Like a mini-series created from a popular movie, Volute extends your program value through "Series", keeping learners engaged after a program ends, leading to extended reach, value, and new purchases.

Series are online spaces that host topic-related content, livestream events, peer conversations, and on-the-job support for your members to fill the void between programs.



Volute builds your lifelong learning community around Series by inviting current and past participants, partner employees, and alumni. Members can also share Series with their peers for organic growth.

Add a large, new revenue stream to your business school through ongoing Series subscriptions.



Volute creates vibrant communities of aspiring professionals who gather regularly to listen, learn, and discuss pressing job or industry-related issues. By leaning on our sophisticated analytics and sentiment analysis, you’ll stay one step ahead of the community to know what’s trending, who your influencers are, what your members want, and new ways to keep them coming back and referring peers.

Meet Melanie

Our technology is sophisticated, but we’re still a company of people here to support you every step of the way. Meet Melanie. She’s not a stock photo of an actor pretending to be a call center rep, she’s our Client Relations Director and is loved by all who work with her. She’s attentive and empathetic and ensures you always have a dedicated Volute member by your side as you pioneer moving an industry forward.