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Business Schools,

Power the next-generation of the expert-connected corporation.

Volute works with business schools to boost client engagement, retention, and network effects, using a pioneering business model and AI technology, all with minimal resources.

Increase Client Retention

Keep clients engaged with your services long after a program ends. Volute provides digitally-enabled communities of practice that embed your school's expertise within your client companies to apply learning in practice.


Unlock New Revenue

Expand business school value with a subscription model. Companies keep paying for access to your expert community for answers to pressing business questions and continuous learning.

Maximize Scale with AI

AI aggregates and amplifies your community knowledge, exclusive to you and your clients, by delivering highly-targeted responses to employee questions without requiring additional resources.


Gain New Client Insights

Because you're embedded in work, Volute's analytics expose skills gaps and the impact of these gaps on your clients, empowering you to prescribe learning actions that minimize business disruption to your clients, making your school an indispensable resource.

AI-fueled Community of Practice

Where popular MOOCs and pre-recorded packaged learning platforms fail to engage employees, Volute shines. Volute embeds your research, rigor, and resources into their work, to apply new knowledge in practice. 

A New Revenue Model

Consumers are choosing access over ownership, and membership is outpacing the one-time transaction model. Align lifelong learning with ongoing subscriptions, and earn an entirely new recurring, predictable revenue stream that scales.


Volute is the official community of practice for 100+ of the world's top business schools.

The shelf life of programs is shrinking, and the fusion of work and learning is the future. Volute merges your program value into employee workflows, on the job, creating a highly engaged and valuable community, where other platforms fail.

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